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We have listed some of the FAQ’s for your information below. If you would like to add other useful information, please contact Complete.

Door Entry

NV is a secure development with private access. To gain entry you require gate transmitters, a door entry proximity fob and in most cases an electronic key for the apartment doors. Any resident requiring replacement access transmitters/keys, can contact site services located in A block who will be happy to assist.

Car Parking

Is private to lessees who have purchased car spaces. The development does not have visitor parking. If you have visitors, agents or tradesmen visiting, they are best to park in your own allocated bay. Local car parks are within a short walking distance. Car park enforcement operates on site – please refer to signage.

Site Services

Working closely with the Directors and Complete, the Site Services Team are available to assist you in many different areas. This may include providing meter reads, assisting you with key and parcel holding, or just general helpful advice.

Their main duties on the development are:

  • Operation of a reception service and door, gate security system with agreed procedures to prevent unauthorised visitors from entering the site and buildings.
  • Maintenance of a log of all visitors to the site
  • Management of supply and replacement of proximity fobs and gate fobs
  • Management of  a system to allow residents to permit by arrangement visitors/tradesmen to enter their apartment in their absence
  • Operation and monitoring of CCTV equipment and CCTV image storage systems
  • Taking appropriate action if lifts break down or people are trapped
  • Operation of agreed emergency procedures for site problems and unoccupied apartment problems.
  • Provision of contact details only of emergency repair services for occupied apartments, help with  cutting off water or electricity if needed
  • Provision of meter readings to residents and owners
  • Provision of parcel handling service (Royal Mail and courier) with logs and agreed collection procedures
  • Advising residents on car parking and rubbish disposal matters
  • Maintenance of a log of complaints from residents and owners, and any follow ups which are needed, such as urgent reporting of anti-social behaviour.
  • Maintenance of a database of contact details for occupiers and owners in case of emergency. Information to be supplied by residents, owners and the Managing Agent
  • Maintenance of a courteous service to pass on residents’ queries where appropriate.
  • Monitor Security requirements throughout the night and keep a suitable log of any incidents.
  • Regular cleaning of hallways, service rooms, concierge area, stairs, landings, window ledges, lifts on a daily basis as per cleaning specification.
  • Spot cleaning of any communal area or car park area as required
  • Cleaning of all internal windows
  • Regular checks of refuse chutes and bin areas for blockages and excess refuse
  • Emptying any litter or cigarette bins about the site
  • Removing cardboard to recycling bins and encouraging other forms of recycling in conjunction with Council
  • Re-organising refuse bins when needed
  • Cleaning bin-stores
  • Removing graffiti quickly from site
  • Touching up paintwork on regular basis
  • Removal of litter from all communal areas and gardens daily
  • Reporting of abandoned vehicles to Council for removal
  • Keeping a log of repairs needed or defects noted in communal areas and car park, and carrying out small scale repairs within an agreed time scale. (Changing light bulbs, tightening loose handles etc.)
  • In event of heavy frost or snow fall, putting down of grit and salt

Management of the above services

  • Be responsible for all Health and Safety matters and emergency procedures
  • Supervise all staff, ensuring they know what their duties and responsibilities are
  • Participate in drawing up training plans and deliver training where possible
  • Co-ordinate services between staff
  • Liaise with the Managing Agent and the above services suppliers
  • Maintain communication with residents via timely, updated notices on the notice board
  • Encourage energy saving in all activities
  • Set up and manage procedures and logs
  • Be responsible for requesting repairs to be done by staff other than those already discussed above
  • Follow up and progress-chase actions arising from day to day matters and logs, in particular, emergencies such as leaks, larger maintenance jobs, residents’ complaints,  anti-social behaviour

TV & Sky

NV Buildings has upgraded the existing Integrated Reception System (IRS) from single to dual feed. This upgrade mean the replacement of the current IRS Multi switches with the new SCS switch which will send dual Sky feeds down the one existing cable to each property. Contractors supplied each existing Sky TV subscriber with necessary equipment (exclusive of set top box) and instructions, to allow them to view dual feed Sky TV.

The upgraded infrastructure will facilitate the reception of the following signals at each existing satellite TV outlet:

  • Dual feed satellite television
  • Existing and available digital terrestrial television
  • Existing and available FM radio (If part of existing IRS system)
  • Existing and available DAB radio (if part of existing IRS system)

Non Sky TV subscribers

Should a resident chose to subscribe to Sky through ABCA Systems in the future, then the instructions and equipment will be provided free of charge at the point of install. Residents with Freesat will not be able to upgrade to a dual feed Freesat box, and will be able to continue watching Freesat post installation, albeit through the existing single feed.

Please note that a Sky TV subscription will be required to watch Sky TV channels and this is to be dealt with independently by the resident. Should a resident subscribe to Sky TV through ABCA Systems and choose to be installed at the same time as the system upgrade, then any applicable Sky TV install fees will be wiped. Should any existing Sky box be incompatible with the new SCR technology and the resident chooses to upgrade their box at the time of the system upgrade, then any applicable Sky TV upgrade fees will be wiped.

Air Vacuum

Air quality and removing moisture from apartments is a key feature to the ventilation systems fitted at NV. These systems are designed to operate continuously for approximately a penny or two a day. Many tenants turn them off thinking they are saving money when in fact they are more likely to cause damage to the fans and the property.

Moisture and mould can occur if apartments are not correctly ventilated or if leaks go unreported.

In either the boiler room or the storage cupboard (dependent on apartment type) there is a silver box with white ducting going into it, this is the extractor fan. To test this works our advice is:

  • Ensure the unit has power and is switched on.
  • Turn on the bathroom light, you should hear the fan kick in at this point.
  • Take a tissue and cover the extraction point in the bathroom, if it holds the tissue then the fan works if not either the speed control unit has failed or the bearings on the fan have failed.

Replacement parts for these units are hard to get as the units have been discontinued. A replacement speed control unit can cost as much as £300.

We have therefore found a local company (Crescent Electrical) who can now supply and fit a new unit with warranty for around £340. A number of residents have opted for this and the new units have better suction that the original units.

Economy 10

You may not know but NV has Economy 10 Meters fitted as well as Economy 7. The Tariffs for Economy 10 (sometimes referred to as "Heatwise") consist of 10 hours of off-peak electricity, which suppliers charge at a discounted rate.

Economy 10 meters are not as widely supported by gas and electric suppliers as standard and Economy 7 meters. Therefore, customers on Economy 10 meters may find that the number of alternative tariffs when looking to switch are far fewer than for other meter types.

Like Economy 7, this tariff best suits households with storage heaters. If you are on Economy 7 and you are running out of hot water or if your storage heaters are cooling off by the evening then Economy 10 could be a good tariff for you. To be on an Economy 10 tariff you must have an Economy 10 meter. These differ from standard and Economy 7 meters as they have additional capability, which enables them to measure the consumption of electricity between the set Economy 10 hours specified by the supplier.

The structure of the 10 off peak hours is as follows;
3 hours in the afternoon
2 hours in the evening
5 hours over night

The time of the designated hours can vary from supplier to supplier and in different regions, so it’s best to ask the supplier directly for precise times and to determine the meter you have. Not all suppliers offer tariffs that support Economy 10. Suppliers that do not offer Economy 10 could migrate you onto their Economy 7 tariff but this may or may not be advantageous. You would need to consider the unit rates offered against your consumption over the specified hours.

Refuse Provisions

General refuse can be placed down the refuse chute. The chutes can be found on each landing within the refuse room.

Recycling is encourages to avoid furniture and bulky items being discarded on site. Large recycling bins can be found located near A & C blocks.

If you have unwanted furniture, many local charities will arrange a free collection which saves money and helps others recycle unwanted items.

Bulky waste can be collected by the council should you contact them on 0161 794 4711. Charges may apply for this service.

Water Guard

Water Guards are designed to detect leaks. We are regularly being notified that Water Guards that have been by-passed or removed especially in C block.

The Landlords Insurers are aware of the water guards fitted at NV (in C block they are fitted within the apartment whereas in A & B they are in the water riser rooms). The flow switch is the main item to check on the guards. The most common leak is either from the top or bottom of the black/blue plastic section, but on rare occasions, they have been known to leak at the valve. On discovering a leak from this area they should really check to ensure the shut off valve located further up the same pipe.

Checking the water guard is active should be done every few months. To do this:

  • Turn on a cold water tap.
  • On the water guard panel press the button with a tap and a cross through it (you should hear a click and the water shut off)
  • Press the button with an umbrella on it; this should turn the water supply back on.

If these steps don't work repeat the process as inactive water guards go into sleep mode.