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Lease rules

Many Lessees (Owners) at NV sublet their apartment. Often, the tenant is not provided with a copy of the lease rules and can often innocently breach the lease. To avoid this, it is suggested that all Landlords ensure tenants are aware of lease rules and regulations.

The majority of what you can and can’t do in your apartment comes down to what it says in your lease. The lease contains certain obligations and rules to help maintain problem free living. In simple terms you must:

  • Keep your apartment in good repair.
  • Keep the inside of your windows clean.
  • For those of you with balcony decking, keep it clear and DO NOT paint or stain it (you will be asked to return it to its previous state).
  • Not hang washing, clothes or anything else outside your apartment
  • Not barbecue on your balcony or anywhere on the communal areas.
  • Not place anything of excessive weight on the balcony or any item that may create wind resistance.
  • For the safety of residents, not to leave any loose item on your balcony temporarily or permanently
  • Not discard cigarette ends or any other items over the balcony rail
  • Not make any structural alterations to the apartment, or communal areas (no key safes!).
  • Not erect any aerials or satellite dishes on or in the apartment.
  • Use the property as a private dwelling which means you must not use it for any business purposes other than as a home office with no customer visits (no hotel lets).
  • Not sublet the property without the Landlord’s consent.
  • Not affix signs or adverts of any description on the outside of your property.
  • Not do anything which causes a nuisance or annoyance to your neighbours at any time
  • Not create noise or play music which can be heard outside your apartment between 11pm and 8am.
  • Get written permission from the Management Co to keep a pet, not allow your pet to annoy your neighbours, and not allow your pet to foul the common areas or your balcony.
  • Not put any rubbish in sinks, baths, cisterns, waste soil pipes or communal areas. Put all suitable rubbish down the refuse chute in sealed bags and contact Site Services to arrange removal of all rubbish not suitable for the refuse chute (for example, cardboard boxes).
  • Not leave anything whatsoever in the entrance halls or corridors.
  • Take proper care when driving or maneuvering in the car parks.
  • Keep your parking space neat and tidy.
  • Pay your ground rent (and interest if you don’t pay it within 21 days).
  • Pay your service charge (and interest if you don’t pay it within 21 days), whether formally demanded or NOT.
  • Comply with any regulations the Landlord or Management Company set for the good management of the estate (this is basically a catch all. If there is not a covenant in the Lease to provide for a situation, the Management Company can make a regulation to cover it).

Full lease rules can be found in your registered lease or by contacting Complete.